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Tortoise Trust Homepage  The best site for gaining knowledge on all aspects of Chelonia

British Chelonia Group    Main Group Pages

Practical Reptile Keeper magazine

Sea Turtle Conservation List of websites

Secret World   This animal rescue centre in Somerset needs YOUR help and support..

Turtle Phonecards

Turtle Postage Stamps

NetVet  Browse here for sites on everything you ever need to know about Chelonians and other reptiles.

Hatchling site (A 'mine' of chelonian information)

Tortoise Aid    Desert Tortoise conservation

Russian Tortoise    Russian Tortoise Care Center, Dallas, USA

A Prayer for Tortoises  A little poem I found, written by the late Kay Gray, who was a pioneer of the campaign for banning the trade of tortoises into the UK.

Linda's Tortoise Pages  Lovely pages, well worth a visit. Contains a downloadable booklet with valid sensible information for every tortoise owner. A visit to this site is a MUST.

University of Bath Homepage

Eric Brain's Homepage

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".........teach the boy all you can about nature - it's better than games......"  ( Captain Robert Scott in his dying letter to his wife, regarding his son Peter Scott who went on to found the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge. Glos.)

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