Vintage Stationary Engine Pages and Links

"Don't worry lad, we will soon design the simplicity out of it"  (Lord Hives, Chairman of Rolls Royce when Frank Whittle carefully explained the principle of the jet engine to him......)

Stationary Engine Magazine -  Without doubt the world's best monthly magazine on the subject..!

The Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works Co. Ltd. (Victoria Engines)

Griffin engines of Bath

Coventry Climax

The "Omnia" engines of Hewlett & Blondeau, Luton, Beds.

More on Hewlett & Blondeau,"Old Bird"  a new book published May 2010 by Gail Hewlett

The Harrold's Homepage - more about Vintage Engines, useful links; you'll like this one!!

Stationary Engine Books

Internal Fire   - A fascinating engine museum, well worth a visit when holidaying in West Wales

Anson Engine Museum  - A similar museum at Poynton, Cheshire.

Stirling Engines - a source of all you need to know.

The Japy Freres

Roland's Yard - a varied collection of stationary engines with many pictures.

Pete Aldous'  Engine Webpage

  Independent Ignition Supplies - for all your magneto and ignition needs.

"The Knife and Fork Man"   - The interesting biography of a prolific pioneer engine designer.

Bamford of Uttoxeter

The Green Sparking Plug Company

Wolseley Engines

Frank Gelder (tanks)

Oakham TreasuresHandy to M5 Gordano and well worth a visit - need four hours!!

"Nostalgia is not what it used to be....!"  (Simone Signoret)

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