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"Let them keep their four-stage rockets, for what they may be worth;
And future aisles of atom piles free-orbiting the earth.
That chain of cold space stations on the highway to a star,
When it's time to make my climb, I'd rather go by CAR......"

from "Valhalla Road" by WH (Harry) Charnock

The Green Sparking Plug Company

Austin Seven - "Myrtle", going strong for over eighty years!

Austin Seven Clubs Association

Austin Seven Owner's Club


Rover 75 "Cyclops"

Fiat 126 to Seicento

Coventry Climax Ltd. A brief history of the once famous company.

Hillman Imp

Team Green -6603 mpg

Independent Ignition Supplies - Magneto repair specialists

Scions of Lucas  - British Car Manufacturers

Alfa Romeo Spare Parts -EB Spares.

Jowett - but in New Zealand

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